While we'll chat about this over the phone before your session, here's the short version. A portrait is about people - the weekly flyers & catalogs are about clothes (and a whole bunch of other stuff). Therefore your clothes should not be the center of attention in your portrait - the people should. A day or so before your session, lay out everyone's clothes, including socks & shoes, on a couch or bed, grouped by person, and then go out and have dinner. When you come back, go to wherever you have the clothes and see if anything jumps out at you. If it does, replace that piece of clothing with another item that coordinates with everything else. We generally recommend solid, neutral colors. Depending on the time of year, and where the portrait will be done, short sleeve shirts and shorts may be a good choice - otherwise full-length slacks and long-sleeved shirts work best. That's about it!

What to expect during your session!

During your session we will be creating portraits of your family that you only dreamed of before. The ideas you let us know about in our preliminary chats (your vacation spot, your boat, your favorite family activity, ...) will be used by Mr. Doriguzzi to tell the story of this time in your lives in images that will bring tears to your eyes for many years.

What will your session and portraits cost?

Our prices are entirely based on your needs and desires for your session. One main difference in our pricing style is that we do not have any extra charges for many of the items that other studios charge a significant amount for. Believe it or not you will also receive all the Classic prints you desire to have - from wallet size to 8x10 - from your top choices of your session* at no additional cost to you - none, nada, neyt, zero. Since those are the majority of the sizes commonly ordered, you will know from the start pretty much what your total investment will be for your Portrait Session.

         * - Number of top choices varies with session size.

Are there any extra costs?

Obviously! If you choose a wall portrait, canvas wrap, albums, collage groupings, etc. there will be additional costs.

While mileage to your portrait location is included up to 30 miles one-way, there are additional charges beyond that for travel & lodging.

How long will it take to get my images/prints?

After you have placed your final order, delivery of your images will be approximately 3 weeks for professionally-printed orders. Digital file-only orders will be ready in about 10 days. YES - I did say that! If you do not desire to have professional prints made for your family, we will sell you the digital files by themselves.