Figured I'd use this image since it's how most people remember me!

Figured I'd use this image since it's how most people remember me!

What We Think!

It’s simply this -
our photography is all about YOU!

Yes, that’s all there is to it.

we believe it 100% and it’s our promise to you - our clients.  

When your portrait is created here at DORIGUZZI’s,
it is created by Mr. Doriguzzi himself -
not whomever is available at the moment.
At DORIGUZZI’s your images are uniquely you -
not like the ‘rubber stamp’ snapshots from mass production chain-studios.

Your personality and your interests are what’s important to you - not whatever cliche, ‘run-of-the-mill’ props the ‘cookie-cutter’ places use for everyone else’s pic’s.

we are known for our creative, on-location portraiture -
therefore our clients usually choose to be photographed
at a location of their choice which holds special meaning for them - a favorite park, their grandparents’ farm, their traditional vacation spot, and so on.

So that’s it!

If you desire to have unforgettable portraiture
to be treasured for generations to come,
call for your appointment today.


Your satisfaction is the foundation of our success.
All DORIGUZZI PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTRY products are 100% guaranteed.


The photographic works created by DORIGUZZI PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTRY, including those on this website, are copyrighted.

The studio retains all rights except where specific uses have been granted by the studio in writing and the appropriate compensation has been paid by the purchaser.

Unauthorized reproduction of any of our images, in any form whatsoever, by anyone other than our studio is prohibited by Federal Law and ensured by your integrity.



PPA Certified

Michigan Photographers Society

PP of Michigan
2nd Runner-Up Photographer of the Year 2008
Kodak Gallery Award 2008, 2003
1st Place Family Portrait 2007
Top Senior Photographer 2006
Comm. Best of Show 2003
Top 7 - 2000
Former Board Member for many years

Detroit PPA
Top Senior Photographer - 2008
Top 3 - 2000
Former Board Member for many years

PP of Northern Ohio
Top 4 - 2011

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