I have decided to make this first Special an on-going Special all year long. Our military does not just do their job for one month so why should we honor them for only one month?

In deep appreciation for the valuable contributions of all of our military's men and women, we would like to offer a 40% discount on all of our Family Portraits created for military families who have served either active service or in the Reserves.

There is really no way on earth that we can truly show our military the appropriate amount of thanks for the sacrifices of their time in service, their time spent away from loved ones, and, in too many cases, the ultimate sacrifice of their lives which they gave to help their fellow man.


For anyone desiring to learn about how to use your basic camera (cell, point-and-shoot, or DSLR) to take BETTER pictures, check out the Specials on my ‘Photography Classes’ area of the website.

Keep watching for other Specials.